Motorola R2600

Communications System Analyzer
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If you maintain, repair, calibrate, or design radio communication equipment, the R2600 family of Communications System Analyzers has a solution for you.
Rugged enough to withstand heavy field use and designed to help you save time and help you work more efficiently, the R2600 platform comes in three models, each tailored to its own set of testing requirements. Every product in the R2600 family is now several lbs. lighter, and comes standard with a High Stability timebase.

  • A high brightness, color TFT Liquid Crystal Display with a wide viewing angle, that can be viewed even in direct sunlight.
  • Flash software update capability over a high-speed (115.2 kbps) serial port.
  • Significantly improved screen update and response time.
  • VGA output port for external monitor.

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