EIP Microwave 535

CW Frequency Counters
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Capable of measuring the frequency of CW signals, and carrier signals with FM modulation up to 40MHz peak-peak deviation at 10MHz modulation rates. Sensitivity is -10 dBm to 10GHz; -5 dBm to 18GHz. Input impedance is 50 ohms. Overload protection provided up to 1 W peak from 925MHz to 18GHz. Direct reading display with 10kHz resolution over entire operating range. Gate times are 100 ┬Ás and 1 ms. Timebase is 10MHz stability of <3x10E-07/month. Display is 7-digit LED with fixed decimal point, leading zero suppression (except during no input signal).
Specifications & Attributes (Counters/Timers)
Form Factor
Frequency Range
18 GHz

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