Keysight (Agilent) 5372A

Frequency and Time Interval Analyzer
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53200 Family of RF and Universal Frequency Counter/Timers

The 53230A Universal Frequency Counter/Timer offers continuous/gap-free measurements for basic modulation domain analysis and optional basic burst microwave measurement capabilities up to 15 GHz.

The Agilent 5372A modulation domain analyzer, a superset of the 5371A, captures frequency, phase, or time intervals at extremely high speeds. The 5372A can make up to 13.3 million measurements per second for signals with a frequency range of up to 500 MHz. An optional channel expands the range to 2 GHz. The 5372A combines a choice of over 60 arming and triggering configurations with built-in analysis functions including math, statistics, and limit testing.

Unique to the 5372A (compared with the 5371A) are deeper memory, hardware histograms, and FFT capabilities for high-performance and more sophisticated jitter spectrum analysis and phase noise studies. The 5372A lets you: analyze jitter effects, characterize the transient and steady state responses of a VCO, examine frequency or phase modulation, measure frequency stability, analyze computer peripherals, or measure fast hopping radio signals.

  • Broad selection of measurements
  • Quick and easy-to-use push button analysis
  • Graphic display and histograms for added visual meaning from collected data
  • 200 ps single-shot, Least Significant Digit (LSD), 10 digits/second for frequency measurements (2 ps LSD for averaged measurements)
  • For complete specification details, click on the Data Sheet link.
List of Options
020 FastPort Data Output
030 2GHz Channel C (frt pnl input
040 Jitter Spectrum Analysis
060 Rear Panel Inputs (50 ohm BNC)
090 Rear Panel Inputs, Ch A, B & C
0KP HP 5372A Service Kit
36A Prdctvty Assistnc Trng 1/2 day
908 Rack Flange Kit for Use without Handles
910 Additional operating and service manual
913 RAck Mount Flange Kit
915 HP 5372A Service Manual
916 Additional Set of User Manuals
Specifications & Attributes (Counters/Timers)
Form Factor
Frequency Range
2 GHz ( /030 )

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