Keysight (Agilent) E1740A

Time Interval Analyzer Module
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The Agilent E1740A time interval analyzer module provides a 2-slot VXI card solution for high-performance measurement. Its ability to capture high-resolution timing measurements makes it suitable for jitter characterization, telecommunications, digital design, data storage, radar/surveillance, VCO/PLL, clock distribution, and high-speed mechanical applications.

The E1740A is the heart of the E1725C VXI system and is available with software packages that tailor the instrument for specific applications. Products are designed for data storage device analysis, network synchronization measurements, clock jitter and SONET/SDH jitter analysis.

  • C-size, message-based, SCPI compatible card lets you configure your own measurement system or integrate the analyzer functionality with other existing equipment.
  • Easy measurement setup because input parameters and signal conditioning for the measurement channels can be selected to meet your needs.
  • Extensive arming capabilities let you specify exactly when measurements are acquired.

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