Tektronix 577D2

577D2 Curve Tracer (Non Storage)
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The Type 577 Transistor Curve Tracer system, when used with the 177 Standard Test Fixture (sold separately), offers a convenient method of presenting dynamic characteristic transistor curves and a wide range of other semiconductor devices. This series places special emphasis on being able to make low current measurements. Collector supply: (five modes, five ranges) 6.5 V/10 A, 25 V/2.5 A, 100 V/0.6 A, 400 V/0.15 A, 1600 V/0.04 A. Current increments: 5 nA/step to 0.2 A/step Tone2%. Voltage increments: 5 mV/step to 2 V/step Tone2%.

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