Keysight (Agilent) 66103A

DC Power Module, 35 V, 4.5 A, 150 W, Programmable

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Agilent high performance DC power supplies offer speed and accuracy for test optimization. The modular power system, 1200 W per mainframe, GPIB 66100 series permits up to 8 outputs of 150 W per output in 4U of rack space; reconfigure fast with easily swappable modules; fast, low-noise outputs; and LIST mode and advance triggering system.

The Agilent 150W, GPIB, module output 66103A is a flexible modular supply designed for automated testing that helps meet changing requirements in ATE and production test with a modular design that conserves rack space and simplifies system cabling and assembly.

Output Ratings

  • Output voltage: 0 to 35 V
  • Output current: 0 to 4.5 A
  • Maximum power: 150 W

Programming Accuracy at 25°C ±5°C

  • Voltage 0.03% + 13 mV
  • Current 0.03% + 2 mA

Ripple & Noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz)

  • Voltage rms: 5 mV
  • Voltage Peak-to-Peak: 10 mV
  • Current rms: 2 mA
List of Options
0B0 Do not include manuals
0B3 Service manual (p/n 5959-3364)
0L1 English Printed Installation Sheet and Users Guide (full docs on CD-ROM)
0L2 Additional standard documentation package
1BN Military Standard 45662A Calibration Certification
1BP Military Standard 45662A Calibration with Test Data
230 207-253 VAC,47-63HZ
760 Add isolation/polarity relays
82350B PCI High-Performance GPIB Interface Card
910 Additional operating and service manual
A6J Certificate of calibration - ANSI/NCSL Z540, printed
AYM No isolation/polarity relays
J01 Output modified - 37V, 4A, 148W
J02 Output modified - 40V, 3.6A, 144W
J09 Output modified - 28.5V, 5.5A, 140W
J10 Two fault indicators in module
J12 Output modified - 24V, 6A, 144W
J15 Delete output connectors
J17 Provides external lmonitor
R-50C-011-3 Agilent Calibration - 3 years
R-50C-011-5 Agilent Calibration - 5 years
R-50C-021-3 ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration - 3 years
R-50C-021-5 ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration - 5 years
R-51B-001-C Return to Agilent Warranty - 1 year
UK6 Commercial calibration certificate with test data included
Specifications & Attributes (DC Power Supplies)
Form Factor
4.5 A
150 W
35 V

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