Leader LPS-152A

25V/1.0A, 6V/5A Triple Output Power Supplies
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The Leader LPS-152 is a Triple Output DC Power Supply with individual voltage and current meters, automatic overload recovery and auto tracking. The output voltages are adjustable, 0 to 6 Volts, 0 to +25 Volts and 0 to -25 Volts floating, making it ideal for computer subassembly, circuit board, semiconductor and system burn-in test applications. All three outputs have independent adjustable current limiting with an auto recovery feature which allows the output voltage to return to normal when the short or overload condition is removed. It also features a tracking output mode which allows an adjustable ratio of negative vs positive voltage between the 25 Volt outputs. The adjustment range is from 100% - 100% to 50% - 100%. Ripple is less than 3 mV p-p and output regulation is rated at less than 3 mV for +10% input line voltage variation and 0 to 100% load variation.
Specifications & Attributes (DC Power Supplies)
Form Factor
5 A
125 W
25 V

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