Rohde and Schwarz NGPX70/5

DC Power Supply, 70 V, 5 A, 350 W, Programmable
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Power Supplies NGPX are high-performance programmable laboratory units (350 W) using linear regulation. With their excellent regulation characteristics these 19 inch units are ideal for use in development labs. Thanks to convenient manual operation and IEC/IEEE-bus control they can readily be integrated into production test systems. A rear trigger input allows fast on/off switching of the output voltage to support current-saving applications.

  • 350 W output power
  • Low PARD thanks to linear regulation
  • Accurate return signalling of voltage and current values, also via IEC/IEEE bus
  • Effective current measurement with dynamic loads
  • Fast up and down programming (typ. 10 µs for NGPX35/10)
  • Large alphanumeric LCD display for output of nominal and actual values as well as status information
  • Nominal value input via numeric keypad; increment and decrement key
  • Rear, isolated trigger input
  • Rear isolating and polarity reversal relay (optional)
  • Current monitor in 3rd current range with 25 µA resolution (optional)
  • Nonvolatile storage of 10 complete instrument setups
  • Selectable foldback function
  • Temperature-controlled cooling fan
  • Soft limits for current and voltage
  • Hardware overvoltage protection
  • Remote sensing
  • 19 inch system unit with IEEE488.2
Specifications & Attributes (DC Power Supplies)
Form Factor
5 A
350 W
70 V

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