Sorensen DCS50-20E

DC Power Supply, 50 V, 20 A, 1000 W, Programmable

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The DCS50-20E Power Supply is designed to provide a highly stable, continuously variable output voltage and current for a broad range of development, system and burn-in applications. The DCS Series employs high frequency switching regulator technology to achieve high power density and small package size.


  • Output Ratings: 0-50 V @0-20 A, 1000W
  • 200-250 VAC, single phase, 8A typical, 47- 63 Hz; or 100-132 VAC, single phase, 15A typical, 47-63 Hz, internal jumper selectable (Option M1 - factory configured for 115 VAC input (1 kW and 1.2kW units only))
  • Simultaneous digital display of both voltage and current
  • Ten turn potentiometer voltage and current controls permit high resolution setting of the output voltage and current from zero to the rated output
  • Automatic mode crossover into current or voltage mode
  • Flexible output configuration: multiple units can be connected in parallel or series to provide increased current or voltage
  • High frequencyswitching technology allows high power density, providing increased power output in a small, light package
  • Remote sensing to comensate for losses in power leads up to 1V/lead
  • Adjustable overvoltage protection (OVP)
  • External TTL, AC or DC shutdown
  • Remote voltage, current limit and OVP programming with selectable programming constants
List of Options
M1 Factory configured for 115 VAC input (1 kW and 1.2 kW units only
M130 LXI Standard Compliant*Ethernet LAN/ RS-232C
M9C IEEE-488 /RS-232C
Specifications & Attributes (DC Power Supplies)
Form Factor
GPIB ( /M9C )
LAN ( /M130 )
LXI Compliant ( /M130 )
RS232 ( /M130 /M9C )
20 A
1000 W
50 V

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