Sorensen DCS8-350

DC Power Supply, 8 V, 350 A, 2800 W, Programmable
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The DCS Family of 1 kW, 1.2 kW and 3 kW programmable power supplies incorporate current mode switching rates up to 100 kHz in high power density, low profile chassis. Utilizing unique packaging techniques, the DCS Family provides continuous full output power (1 kW, 1.2 kW or 3 kW) in any volt/amp combination within the rated output voltage and current limits. This family has 10-turn potentiometers to adjust voltage and current settings that are displayed simultaneously. LEDs indicate overtemperature, remote programming, shutdown and overvoltage protection, status and constant-voltage/current mode operation.
  • Input Power:
    190-250VAC 14A Three Phase, or 200-250VAC 20A Single Phase (Output power is limited to 2500W for single phase input)
    Frequency 47-63Hz
  • Regulation (for either a 100% load variation with constant line voltage, or a full input voltage variation over the AC input voltage range with constant load):
    Voltage: 8mV
    Current: 350mA
  • Voltage Mode Transient Response Time:
    1ms recovery to 1% band for 30% step load change from 70% to 100% or 100% to 70%
  • Stability (Maximum drift over 8 hours with constant load, line, and temperature, after 90 minute warmup):
    Voltage: 4mV
    Current: 175mA
  • Meter Accuracy:
    Voltage: 0.09V
    Current: 4.5A
  • Output Ripple (RMS): 10mV
  • Dimensions:
    3.5" H x 19" W x 20" D
  • Weight
    35 lbs. (approx)
List of Options
M13 Locking shafts (front panel potentiometers)
M130 LXI Standard Compliant*Ethernet LAN/ RS-232C
M9C IEEE-488 /RS-232C
Specifications & Attributes (DC Power Supplies)
Form Factor
GPIB ( /M9C )
LAN ( /M130 )
LXI Compliant ( /M130 )
RS232 ( /M130 /M9C )
350 A
2800 W
8 V

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