Sorensen DLM 300-2

DC Power Supply, 300 V, 2 A, 600 W, Programmable

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The DLM300-2 is a member of the Sorensen 600W series of programmable power supplies and is designed to provide continuously variable output voltage and current for a broad range of applications in a compact 1U (1.75 inches) high, half-rack (8.5 inch) wide chassis.

The front panel layout makes the DLM600W series easy to use. Voltage and current can be set from individual 10-turn potentiometer knobs. Control push buttons include power on, output on, local/remote, voltage/ current preview and overvoltage protection preview. Set-point or actual voltage/ current values can be viewed on two 3- digit LED displays. The DLM300-2 can also be controlled through IEEE488.2 GPIB (option) or LXI-compliant Ethernet (option).

DLM300-2 supplies can be connected in series or parallel. All models automatically accept any standard single phase input without manual set up.
List of Options
DLMP1 Paralleling cable for 2 supplies
DLMRK Rack mounting kit
M13 Locking Shafts (front panel potentiometers)
M130 Ethernet /RS 232 Inteface (supports both 12 bit and 16 bit slaves)
M131 Multichannel 16 Bit Slave Interface (M130 Master ONLY)
M51A 5 Channel Optically Isolated Analog Control and Monitoring
M6 Disconnect and Polarity reversal relays (10V to 300V models only)
M85 Multichannel 12 Bit Slave Interface
M9G IEEE-488.2 and RS-232C Interface (SCPI Programming Language)
Specifications & Attributes (DC Power Supplies)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /DLMRK )
GPIB ( /M9G )
LAN ( /M130 )
LXI Compliant ( /M130 )
RS232 ( /M130 /M9G )
2 A
600 W
300 V

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