TDK-Lambda EMS 7.5-300-2-D

DC Power Supply, 7.5 V, 300 A, 2250 W, Programmable
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The EMS series are high power switch mode AC to DC power supplies for applications where high efficiency, precise regulation and a high degree of packing density and light weight are required.

This series of high frequency switching power supplies is designed to operate as a source of constant current/constant voltage with automatic crossover. All EMS Power Supplies are fully programmable via an analog programming or (optional) RSTL digital interface, allowing for systems integration to meet your specific requirements.

The EMS series represents an important element in our broad line of switching power supplies. Beginning in 1969 with multiple patents awarded, Lambda Americas has continued to invest in the development and engineering of the EMS series. Successful applications include semiconductor processing, medical, scientific and research laboratories. The EMS series offers the best of customer tested and application proven features, while incorporating the latest advancements in technology for the user of power conversion systems.

  • Maximum Output Voltage 7.50 Volts
  • Maximum Output Current 300.00 Amps
  • Regulation Modes Constant Current / Constant Voltage
  • Ripple 75 RMS (mv)
  • Panel Meters Digital
  • External Cooling Forced Air Cooled
  • Unit operates on 190-250VAC either single phase or three phase.
  • Requires 20A for single phase or 13.5A for three phase

List of Options
10T 10 Turn Current Control
CE CE Mark Only On AC Input 3 and 13
LB Lock Bushing
RSTL RS232/IEEE 488 Programmer Consult Factory
TC Output Terminal Covers
Specifications & Attributes (DC Power Supplies)
Form Factor
RS232 ( /RSTL )
300 A
2250 W
7.5 V
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