Hioki MR8740

High-speed, 54-channel Memory Recorders Provide Advanced Data Acquisition and Rack-Mount Systems Integration
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Hioki Memory HiCorders are high-speed waveform monitoring and recording devices that can simultaneously measure multiple physical phenomena such as voltage, current, temperature, vibration, weight, acceleration and rotation due to complete isolation between channels and from each channel to the ground. The 54- and 16-channel MR8740 and MR8741 are integratable data acquisition (DAQ) systems suited for the performance testing of electric vehicle inverters, motors, and batteries.

  • Introducing the DVM Unit MR8990 with high 24-bit resolution! Perform high-speed, high-accuracy measurement without going through a scanner. 
  • Support for multi-channel measurement (MR8740: up to 54 ch; MR8741: up to 16 ch)
  • Isolated input (between input channels; input-to-chassis isolation: maximum input-to-ground rated voltage of 300 V AC/DC)
  • High-speed sampling (max. 20 MS/s; with 54-ch type, simultaneous sampling of up to 32 ch)
  • Ideal for rack-mounting (4U height/within 180 mm; display-less, box-type design)
  • Remote measurement via LAN communications (data stored in built-in memory; operate remotely from a PC)

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