Keithley Instruments 2700

6.5 Digit DMM and Data Acquisition System
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The Model 2700 Multimeter/Data Acquisition System is a high-performance, half-rack instrument that combines the functionality and high channel count of a datalogger with the accuracy, convenience, and stability of 6-1/2-digit DMM for the price of a high-performance PC plug-in board. Compatible plug-in modules provide the Model 2700 with the industry's lowest per-channel installed cost in a high-performance data acquisition and control package. The Model 2700 can provide up to 80 differential channels of multiplexed measurement and control to offer significantly more channels in less space than competing solutions. The Model 2700 is ideal for signal levels beyond the capabilities of ordinary plug-in data acquisition cards, including high voltage, high current, and direct ohms measurement with the equivalent of 22-bit A/D resolution. A variety of system level control functions enable the Model 2700 to control power to the DUTs, switch loads, and perform general signal routing.
  • Combines I/O functions of 6-1/2 digit DMM, plug-in data acquisition cards, and datalogger.
  • Choice of five switch/control plug-in modules for up to 80 differential input channels.
  • Built-in signal conditioning and noise isolation.
  • 55K non-volatile memory with time/date stamping allows continuous, unattended data logging over long periods.
  • Channels can be independently configured for speed, range, resolution, math functions, data conversion, sensor type, and other parameters.
  • Virtual channel and onboard statistical analysis simplify real-time application of mathematical functions to data.
  • GPIB and RS-232 interfaces.
  • Compact, half-rack case fits easily into production test racks.
List of Options
7700 Multiplexer
7701 Multiplexer
7702 Multiplexer
7703 Multiplexer
7708 Multiplexer
7710 20 Ch Solid State/Long Life Differential Module

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