Keysight (Agilent) 334A

5Hz to 600kHz Distortion Analyzer
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The 334A Distortion Analyzer covers 5Hz to 600kHz frequency range. The unit measures down to 0.1% full-scale distortion, residual noise measurement below 25 µV, and voltages over a wide range, 300 µV to 300 V rms full scale. Some of the features include an Auto Nulling feature, which speeds up the time consuming portion of measurements, an AM Detector, which has a frequency range from 550kHz to 65MHz and a 1kHz High-Pass Filter, which attenuates frequencies below 400Hz, reducing the effect of hum components.
List of Options
001 VU Characteristics
002 20kHz Low pass Filter
003 Combined Opt. 001 and Opt. 002

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