Compower CDN-C75E

CDN-C75 80 MHz, Coupling / Decoupling Networks (CDN)
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  • Com-Power CDN-C75 Features:
    • For Signal Lines
    • Frequency Range - 150 kHz - 80 MHz
    • Meets EN 61000-4-6 Requirements
    • Current Rating: 2 Amps
    • Cable Impedance: 75
    • Coupling Point: Shield
    • Individual Calibration

    The Com-Power CDN C75 Coupling / Decoupling Networks (CDN) are for injecting disturbing signals on to 50 Ohm (CDN-C50) and 75 Ohm (CDN-C75) shielded coax cables. These CDN have BNC connectors for EUT and AE connections.

    The CDN-C75 decoupling networks are used to insure that the disturbing signals injected on the signal line of the EUT by the coupling networks does not interfere with any the auxiliary equipment (AE) connected to the EUT. Each CDN contains integrated direct capacitive coupling along with a high impedance choke for inductive decoupling.

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