Compower CDN-M125

CDN-M125 80 MHz, Coupling / Decoupling Networks (CDN)
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  • Com-Power CDN-125 Features:
    • Frequency Range - 150 kHz - 80 MHz
    • Meets EN 61000-4-6 requirements
    • Current Rating: up to 25 Amps
    • Number of wires in the power cord: 1
    • Application: Single Line
    • Individual Calibration

    The Com-Power CDN M125 Coupling / Decoupling Networks (CDN) is used to couple common mode and modulated signals onto single power line systems. This CDN is ideal for electronic systems that uses the chassis as the DC return.

    The CDN-M125 are for testing from 150 kHz - 80 MHz according to the EN 61000-4-6 standard for immunity to conducted disturbance induced by radio frequency fields. During the test, the CDN is connected to the powerline cables between the equipment under test (EUT) and auxiliary equipment (AE). The number of conductors in the cable will determine which CDN to use for the test.

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