Keysight (Agilent) 8593EM

EMC Analyzer, 9 kHz to 22 GHz
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The Agilent 8593EM is a stand-alone, automated EMC precompliance analyzer that reduces the time it takes to find, measure and document radiated and conducted EMI emissions. It belongs to the Agilent 8590EM series of EMC analyzers, which do not require an external computer and automation software to perform automated EMC measurements. With an upper frequency of 22 GHz, the Agilent 8593EM can perform precompliance tests on products with clock frequencies up to 4.4 GHz.

The Agilent 8593EM has two modes of operation: EMI analysis and spectrum analysis. With the press of a key, this analyzer converts from EMC analyzer to full-function spectrum analyzer for use in a wide variety of non-EMC applications. Based on our highly versatile Agilent 8590 E-series spectrum analyzers, this EMC analyzer simplifies the EMC measurement process with fully integrated automation features.

  • Setup keys link predefined CISPR bands with correct video and CISPR resolution bandwidths
  • Built-in amplitude correction automatically corrects for antenna, amplifier, and cable losses
  • Limit-line displays simultaneously compare device signals with up to two regulatory limits and a specified measurement margin
  • Predefined routines automatically measure all signals over a specified frequency range
  • Measure, store, and report up to 239 signals automatically
List of Options
004 Precision Frequency Reference
010 Built in Tracking Generator
026 Frequency extention to 26.5GHz
043 Replace GPIB/parallel with RS232/parallel port
101 Fast ADC
102 TV Sync

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