Keytek 2031

ESD Tester plus True-ESD & Contact Mode via CIA-V
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  • Air-Discharge Simulation
    • ESD-1 Discharge: 1 to 25kV, single shot and repetitive (intreval: 10s, 3s, 1s, .05s) Built-in DVM directly measures stored high voltage
    • DN-10 IEC 61000-4-2 human-body-model Discharge Network
    • DT-1 IEC ball DIscharge Tip
  • Accessories and Power Supply
    • DT-2 Corona and Field-ENhancement Discharge Tip
    • FT-10 Proximity-Test, Self-Discharge Tip
    • PSC-1 Power Supply/Control Unit
    • CA-1A Carrying Case
  • Additional Accessories
    • EC-1 Probe Conversion Cable; Remotes any discharge Network as light, hand-held probe
  • True-ESD and Contact Mode
    • HT-10/DT-4 True ESD Hand-Tip/Discharge-Tip Combination
    • CIA-V Contact Mode, Fast-Rise Current Injection (FR/CI) As per IEC 61000-4-2 (.7-1 ns rise time). Specified with DN-10 only.

The KeyTek 2030G, ESD Simulator Test System has a wide range of features and available options, it is a versit

List of Options
CA-1A Carrying Case
CA-2A Carrying Case
CIA-V Current Injection adapter - Variable; Direct current injection, 0-8kV
CTC-1 Coax monitor for ESD current waveform (For 400 MHz applications only)
CTC-3 Coaxial current monitor target per IEC 61000-4-2
DCA-1 DC Output Calibration Attenuator
DN-1 150 pF/150 ohms discharge network per the 1984 version of IEC 801-2
DN-10 150 pF/330 ohms discharge network per current IEC 61000-4-2
DN-2 Nema Part DC33 and MIL-STD 883C discharge network (100 pF/1500 ohms). Network only; no waveform specification.
DN-3 Upper/lower-body-model (700 pF/100K ohms/150 pF/150 ohms)
DN-4 Segmented-body-model (700 pF/100K ohms/150 pF/150/20 pF-50 ohms)
DN-6 Optimum basic human-body-model (100pF/500 ohms)
DN-7 300 pF/5K ohms human-body-model discharge network per SAE Std. J1211
DN-7A 330 pF/2K ohms human-body-model discharge network per SAE Std. J1113
DNX Custom configured relay module (state RC values on order)
DT-1 IEC Ball Discharge Tip
DT-2 Corona and Field-Enhancement Tip
DT-3 Wedge, Simulating Tool
EC-1 Probe Conversion Cable: Remotes any discharge network as light, hand-held probe
FA/CIA-10 10kV Fast-Approach Current Injection Adapter
FA/CIA-20 20kV Fast-Approach Current Injection Adapter
FCS-1 Field and Corona Sensor Group common monitor unit, HEC-1; H-Field sensor, HFS-1; E-Field sensor, EFS-1; Pre-Discharge corona sensor, CCS-1
FT-10 Proximity-Test, Self-Discharge Tip
FT-11 E-Field Simulator; requires FA/CIA-20
FT-12 H-Field Simulator; requires FA/CIA-20
FT-21 Discharge E-Field Collapse Adapter; requires FA/CIA-20
HT-10/DT-4 True ESD Hand-Tip/Discharge-Tip Combination
PSC-1 Power Supply/Control Unit
TP-3 Target-plane Assembly per IEC-1000-4-2
TPC-1 True-ESD Fastest-risetime contact-mode tip

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