Kikusui PLZ152WA

Electronic Load, 110V, 30A, 150W (CC/CV/CR/CP)
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Model PLZ152WA Electronic Load is rated for loading voltage 0 - 110 volts, loading current 0 - 30 amperes, and wattage 150 watts. The PLZ152WA can be operated either in a constant current mode or in a constant resistance mode.

The PLZ152WA allows dynamic load test  by switching between two different leve3ls of load current with its internal oscillator and electronic switching circuit. The function is av ailable when in either the constant current or resistance mode.

The PLZ152WA is incorporated with protectors against overvoltage, overcurrent, and overpower. It has a digital voltmeter/ammeter of 3-1/2 digits. It has a fan for forced air cooling.

PLZ152WA Performance Characteristics:

  • Form Factor Stand alone
  • Type AC
  • Maximum Power 150 Watts
  • Minimum Voltage 0 V
  • Maximum Voltage 110 V
  • Maximum Current 30 A
  • Current Ripple and Noise 7 mArms
  • Constant Current Mode Yes
  • Constant Voltage Mode No
  • Constant Power Mode No
  • Constant Resistance Mode Yes
  • Transient Generator No


Specifications & Attributes (Electronic Loads)
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