NHR S320

Power Supply Mini Tester
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  • A one-box power test solution replacing several test instruments
  • Flexible configuration of DC electronic loads and programmable DC power supplies
  • Executes full functional power test programs and logs results

The S300 MiniTester is a DC electronic load-based tester that includes the necessary control and firmware capabilities to make it a complete and self-contained solution for automated functional testing of power devices. Through the front panel, test programs can be created and then repeatedly executed with a single keystroke. Test results can be sent to the front panel, printer or a PC. Think of the MiniTester as positioned halfway between an assortment of individual test instruments and a full-capability, PC-controlled power test system. The MiniTester's principal benefit is a one-box, ready-to-run test solution that allows the test engineer to immediately start testing rather than incurring the risks and delays associated with building one's own tester.

The MiniTester replaces stand-alone DC electronic loads, programmable DC power supplies, AC power sources, digital voltmeters, current meters, power meters, along with associated interconnect wiring. This is accomplished all within a chassis that accepts a wide assortment of modular electronic loads and sources. Each module contains its own built-in, precision measurement circuitry. Model S310 is intended for DC-input testing. Model S320 is intended for both AC & DC-input testing. Either unit can be used in a stand-alone, benchtop application or as a GPIB-controlled subsystem within a larger automatic test station.

The flexibility to test a wide variety of products is accomplished in two ways. First is the unique 6-slot chassis that will accept any combination of modular DC electronic loads and/or programmable DC power supplies. The second flexibility enhancement is the unusually wide operating ranges of all modules, typically twice that of industry practices. This combination of interchangeable modules and exceptionally wide ranges assures users the ability to meet almost any current and future power stimulus requirement.

EXECUTES FULL TEST PROGRAMS AND LOGS RESULTS The ability to create and run automatic test programs highlights the powerful macro-recording and playback capabilities of the MiniTester. This keystroke macro-recorder combined with built-in test algorithms, allows non-programmers to automate complex series of instrument operations and measurements. Up to 128 test programs, each having 100 test steps, can be created in this manner. Playback of a saved test program then becomes a one-keystroke operation. Test measurements or PASS/FAIL indications are shown on the front panel display and may also be logged to a printer. For added convenience, an PC may be used to build and edit test programs or view test results.
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