Sorensen SLH-60-120-1800

60V, 120A, 600W rack mounted, programmable DC load

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  • Rackmount Electronic Load, up to 1800 Watts:
    • Full front panel control with 150 memory states
    • Sequencer: 9 sequences, up to 16 steps each
  • Flexible Control:
    • DC Operating Modes: CC, CR, CP, CV, shorts, dynamic
    • AC Operating Modes: CC, Crest Factor, CR. Sync input for phase control
    • Standard GPIB / RS-232 programming
    • Analog inputs
  • Flexible Measurement:
    • 16-bit, 4.5 Digit front panel meters
    • 16-bit GPIB, RS-232 readback
    • Isolated current monitor output
      (DC single input models <200V)

    High current, 60V DC models for general purpose power supply testing.
Specifications & Attributes (Electronic Loads)
Form Factor
120 A
1800 W
60 V

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