TDI DLVP130-250-2500

DLVP130-250-2500 Electronic Load
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  • Analog Programmable
  • Pulse Loading
  • Variable Pulse Rate
  • Variable Pulse Width
  • Low Current Full Scale
  • Fast Response Time
  • Steady State Loading
  • Economical & Compact

The DL Series of Dynaloads provides exceptional performance at an economical price.

The series ranges from 100W modular loads to high current 3000W loads. Each unit has unique capabilities.

Our DLVP series is ideal for the engineer who requires pulse load capability with the ability to change the duty cycle.

The DLM series is designed for multi-channel DC sources and is rated at 100W per module. Four of the DLM modules can be installed in a 19" rack housing.
Specifications & Attributes (Electronic Loads)
Form Factor
3000 W

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