Keysight (Agilent) 105B

Quartz Frequency Standard
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The 105B Quartz Oscillator is an excellent choice for a frequency / time standard. It provides outstanding long and short-term stability characteristics, spectrally pure output, unexcelled reliability and the ability to operate under a wide range of environmental conditions. There are three buffered sinusoidal outputs available from front and rear-panel connectors: 5MHz, 1MHz and 100kHz (1 V rms into 50 ohms). The short-term stability is 1 part in 10E+12 rms for 1 sec averaging time and has an aging rate of <5 parts in 10E+10/day. Front-panel fine and coarse frequency adjustments are also available. Among the many features found in the 105B, it has rapid warm-up which typically will be within 5 parts in 10E+09 of the final frequency within 15 minutes after an "off" period of less than 24 hours. The distortion below rated output is >40 dB (harmonic) and >80 dB (non-harmonic). This unit also allows phase locking; external +5 V and -5 V allows 2x10E-08 frequency control for locking to external source. The unit has a built-in 8-hour standby battery for uninterrupted operation should line power fail.
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908 Rack Flange Kit for Use without Handles
910 Additional operating and service manual

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