Keysight (Agilent) 5065A

Rubidium Frequency Standard
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The Agilent 5065A is a Rubidium Frequency Standard. Product Specs:
  • Low Price Atomic Standard
  • Long Term Drift Rate: <2 x 10-11/mo.
  • Short Term Stability: <7 x 10-12 for 100 S average
  • Frequency Synthesizer Time Scale Changer
  • Calibrated Dial, Fine Frequency Adjustment As an atomic-type secondary frequency standard, the Agilent HP 5065A Rubidium Standard uses a rubidium vapor resonance cell as the stabilizing element. This results in a long term stability exceeding typical quartz oscillator frequency standards by 10 to 100 times! It has excellent short term stability as well. The Agilent HP 5065A is suitable for many applications such as precise frequency source for systems operating in the radio spectrum, coherent signal source of all types of equipment, precision timekeeping, and for house standards/calibration laboratories.
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