BK Precision 4070A

21.5 MHz Synthesized Arb. Waveform Gen. w/ software
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The B+K Model 4070A represents the finest single source for signal generation to date. Combining the latest DSP and DDS technologies, the 4070A offers a number of operating modes, providing a versatile, cost-effective signal source. You will find the 4070A is the best value and most capable instrument for any bench. Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Sweep Function Generator, Pulse, VCO, AM, FM, Ø Modulation, FSK and Burst Modes are all accessed quickly and easily from the front panel keypad. Being a true 12 bit arbitrary generator, the 4070A is stable, accurate and drift free. Unlike competitive models, the 4070A generates every data point independently of the repetition rate instead of a simple look up table. Custom design waveforms on a PC, or download from a number of sources, spread sheet, oscilloscope or application program the 4070A will perform like no other signal source.
Specifications & Attributes (Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators)
Form Factor
21.5 MHz
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Function Generator

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