Keysight (Agilent) 3324A

Synthesized Function/Sweep Generator 21 MHz
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The Agilent 3324A synthesized function/sweep generator provides synthesizer performance and multi-segment sweep at a moderate price, for applications such as speed sensors. Additionally, multi-phase signals can be set up, as variable-phase and master/slave capabilities can be used together.

  • 1 mHz to 11 kHz (triangle, ramps), 11 MHz (square), 21 MHz (sine)
  • Multi-interval sweep
  • Master/slave capability
  • ±719.9° variable phase
  • Additional 60 MHz (auxiliary 0 dBm) output
  • Amplitude: 1 mV to 10 V in eight 1-3-10 sequence ranges (50 Ohm into 50 Ohm)
  • Outputs and GPIB float up to 40 V
List of Options
001 High Stability Frequency Reference
002 High Voltage Output
003 Automatic Phase Calibration, Slave
004 Automatic Phase Calibration, Master
1BP Military Standard 45662A Calibration with Test Data
907 Front Handle Kit
908 Rack Flange Kit for Use without Handles
909 Front Handle & Rack Flange Kit
910 Additional operating and service manual
915 Additional Service Manual
916 Additional Set of User Manuals
UK6 Commercial calibration with test results data
Specifications & Attributes (Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /909 )
1 MHz - 21 MHz
Function Generator

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