Rigol DG2041

40 MHz Function/arbitrary waveform generator - Discontinued
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RIGOL DG2000 series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator offers more capabilities at a value price. It features 40MHz Bandwidth, arbitrary waveform, pulse generation and all the modulations to set up complex signals quickly and easily. RIGOL DG2000 series use Direct Digital-Synthesis technology to create stable, accurate outputs on all waveform with low distortions. The frequency resolution is down to 1µHz, which makes DG3000 series produce high accurate Sine waves, very fast rise/fall Square waves and well linear Ramp waves.
  • Optional digital logic module: more actual mixed signals can be recurred together with analog channels
  • DDS technology: Output signals become more accurate and stable with lower distortion
  • 300 MSa/s of sample rate, 14 bits of vertical resolution, 1M points of memory depth
  • 10 standard waveforms: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Sin(x)/x, Cardiac, DC
  • Arbitray waveform defined by user
  • Versatile modulation and variety of waveforms: AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, SWEEP, BURST
  • Versatile input and output signals: Waveforms output, Digital synchronous signals output, External modulation source. External clock reference (10 MHz), External trigger and internal clock output (10 MHz)
  • I/O: USB Device, RS-232, GPIB, LAN
  • USB Host, to support USB disk, USB printer and direct system upgrade
  • Seamless connectivity with DS series digital oscilloscopes: Lossless recurrence of stored waveforms obtained from DS oscilloscopes
  • Multi-language user interface, built-in help system
Specifications & Attributes (Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators)
Form Factor
40 MHz
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Function Generator

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