LeCroy 9101

Arbitrary Function Generator
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Input: 115/220Vac; 47-63Hz; 150VA Max DC Accuracy 1.0% Resolution 8 bits (256 levels) Sinewave Frequency Range: 0.01Hz to 25MHz Squarewave Frequency Range: 0.01 to 100MHz Triangle Frequency Range: 0.01Hz to 25MHz Linearity +/-1% Ramp - Period 40nsec to 100sec This generator is a high performance ATE or benchtop instrument which can generate either standard or user defined complex waveforms with unparalleled point to point resolution.The 9101 is a single channel version of the LeCroy 9100 Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator and is, in most respects, compatible with it. This means that dual channel waveform files may be stored in this unit and run, even though only channel 1 will be generated. Similarly, setup files containing channel 2 setup may be run. This generator has been designed to operate from either a 115V or 220V nominal power source. On the rear panel of the instrument, a switch permits user selection of either voltage. Features: * Standard Functions. * Selectable Orientation. * Greater Accuracy. * Full Scale Amplitude.

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