Associated Research 3500D

3500D Entry-level Dielectric Withstand testers with simple PLC control
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Performance Characteristics of the 3500D:
  • Form Factor: Benchtop
  • Type: Multifunction
  • Minimum Ramp Time: 0.1 s
  • Maximum Ramp Time: 0.1 s
  • Dielectric Strength / Hi-pot Test: Yes
  • Ground Wire Continuity Test: Yes
  • Insulation Resistance Test: No
  • Line Voltage Leakage Test: No Programmability/Connectivity of the 3500D:
  • User Interface Proprietary 3500D Compliance:
  • CE Compliance: Not on file
  • UL Compliance: Not compliant 3500D Power Requirements:
  • Input Power: Universal (Auto Sense and Switch) 3500D Physical Dimensions:
  • Width: (N/A)
  • Height: 89 mm(3.5 in)
  • Length: 370 mm(14.56 in)
  • Weight: 9 kg(19.84 lb)
  • Specifications & Attributes (Hi-Pot / Ground Continuity Testers)
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