Valhalla Scientific 5880A

Automatic HiPot Tester
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  • Pass Fail Testing Multi-function Dielectric Capability AC & DC dielectric strength, insulation resistance and earth continuity can all be tested automatically in any sequence without stopping or changing test set-ups.
  • Built-in user memory allows for storage of up to 100 test routines. Recall and edit capability make it easy to run or change a stored program.
  • Safety Sensing lines for correct connection disables High Voltage if output is disconnected.
  • Safety Indicators have both high voltage and audible indicators when high voltage is present.
  • Automatic Calibration provides for fast and safe calibration
  • 40 Character Display Ultra bright, easy to read vacuum florescent display shows test voltage and leakage current levels, and automatic set-up menus with both digital and bar graph indicators.
  • Visual and Audible Alarms Brilliant L.E.D.'s illuminate bolt whenever the output exceeds 100V. User configurable beeper provides a loud warning prior to and during high voltage testing.
Specifications & Attributes (Hi-Pot / Ground Continuity Testers)
Form Factor

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