Valhalla Scientific 2101

Benchtop Power Analyzer
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The 2101 digital power analyzer provides 4.5 digit V-A-W measurements. It is an accurate, reliable power measurement device designed to aid engineering, production test, and quality assurance departments in determination of product power consumption from DC and AC power sources. The instrument features dual independent digital displays. The left display provides a continuous indication of true power in watts. The left right display is switch-selectable between amperes (true RMS) or volts (true RMS).

The 2101 provides a fast and convenient method of determining product efficiency, power factor, and true RMS current draw. Phase angle relationships may be calculated through manipulation of the displayed quantities.

The 2100 and 2101 are nearly identical in function except for their voltage input capacity. The 2100 has voltage ranges of 150, 300, and 600 volts. The 2101 has voltage ranges of 30, 150, 300 volts. The 2101 provides greater watts resolution when using lower voltages, at the expense of a reduced maximum voltage capacity.


  • 4.5 digit resolution
  • Frequency response: dc to 50 kHz
  • AC True RMS/DC Voltage and AC True RMS/DC Current
  • Voltage Ranges of: 30, 150, and 300 volts
  • Twin High Resolution Display (20,000 cnts)
  • True Power, TRMS Volts and TRMS Amps
  • Accurate Reading for all Wave Form Inputs
  • 0.1% accuracy to 5 kHz, Measures to 50 kHz
  • Power Factor Response – Zero to Unity
  • Load connection: 4 terminal binding posts

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