Keysight (Agilent) 1660CS

136-Channel 100MHz State/500MHz Benchtop LA
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The HP 1660CS 136-channel portable logic analyzer with oscilloscope helps you get to the root cause of problems quickly, and now at a new lower price. The ability to connect to an Ethernet LAN provides an easy method of sharing data within the design team and provides remote access to the logic analyzer from a PC or workstation. A built-in 540 megabyte hard disk drive combined with the LAN connectivity now makes it possible to use the HP B3740A software analyzer for source line referencing; this is the ability to see correlated high-level C++ source code with the inverse assembled state listing.

It adds two 1-GSA/s digitizing scope channels for viewing the analog behavior of your signals. Both channels capture non-repeating events simultaneously with 8K samples per channel. Characterize critical timing parameters with time interval measurements of better than 150 ps accuracy, or examine glitches in your system to determine if noise or loading is a problem.

  • 136 state and timing channels
  • 100 MHz state analysis with 2 state clocks/qualifiers
  • Integrated 2-channel 1-GSA/s Oscilloscope
  • Please refer to the data sheet for more information
List of Options
015 Etherent LAN interface (1)
0B1 Add Manual Set
0B3 Service Manual
0BF Programming Reference Manuals
1BP Military Standard 45662A Calibration with Test Data
1CM Rackmount Kit
908 Rack Flange Kit for Use without Handles
C2X 2x Calibration Service Agreement
C3X 3x Calibration Service Agreement
R24 Extended 24 Month Warranty
R36 Extended 36 Month Warranty
RC24 Extended 24 Month Warranty & 2x Calibration Service Agreement
RC36 Extended 36 Month Warranty & 3x Calibration Service Agreement
UK9 Front Panel Cover
Specifications & Attributes (Logic Analyzers)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /1CM )
136 Ch

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