Tektronix TLA714

Logic Analyzer Mainframe - Portable Color
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Tektronix TLA714 Logic Analyzer Mainframe is a portable mainframe is the base component of a customer-configurable portable instrument. It can function as a logic analyzer, a digital storage oscilloscope, or both, depending on the module cards installed in its slots. 


  • Holds 4 single-wide or 2 double-wide modules
  • Instrument modules include logic analyzers, pattern generators and digitizing oscilloscopes
  • Up to 200 MHz state acquisition with 400 MHz data rate for advanced processors and buses
  • 500 MHz deep timing analysis with up to 128 Mb per channel
  • MagniVu" technology provides 500 ps timing resolution on all channels all the time through the same probe
  • Simultaneous state and high speed timing analysis through the same probes pinpoints elusive faults
  • Broad processor and bus support universal source code support for correlating high-level language source with real-time trace
  • Performance analysis support for optimizing target system remote control using Microsoft COM/DCOM technology supports advanced data analysis
  • Microsoft Windows PC platform provides familiar user interface with network connectivity
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1S 32MB DRAM/2.16 GB HDD upgrade
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