Keysight (Agilent) 8163A

Lightwave Mulitmeter Mainframe
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The Agilent 8163A lightwave multimeter is a basic measurement tool that provides flexible modular configuration and easy control of test solutions. This mainframe is used for optical component test.

  • Display: Graphical Display, 190 x 300 points, monochrome
  • Display Resolution: 0.0001dB/dBm, 0.01pW to 10pW
  • Trigger: true synchronous on all channels
  • Supports modules of the 816xxx and 815xxx series
  • Built-in applications
  • Graphical display
  • GPIB Interface
  • Parallel and serial ports

List of Options
0BF Programming Reference Manuals
908 Rack Flange Kit for Use without Handles
AB0 Taiwan Quick Users Guide (Chinese localization)
AB1 Korea Quick Users Guide (Korean localization)
AB2 China Quick Users Guide (Chinese localization)
ABJ Japan Quick Users Guide (Japanese localization)
RMKT Agilent Refurbished Product (Do Not Use - Certiprime Option)
W30 3 Years Return for Repair Service

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