Keysight (Agilent) 8660A

Synth. Signal Generator; thumbwheel ver.
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The Agilent 8660A is a Synthesized Signal Generator Mainframe. The 8660A Synthesized Signal Generator Mainframe is capable of 10kHz to 2600MHz frequency coverage and offers the versatility to cover many applications by utilizing RF and Modulation plug-in sections.
List of Options
001 ±3 x 10E-09 / day internal reference oscillator
002 No internal reference oscillator
003 Operation from 50 to 400Hz line
004 100Hz frequency resolution (200Hz above 1300MHz)
005 HP-IB programming interface
009 LED display indivates selected frequency in 1-2-4-8 BCD code
100 HP 11661B factory installed inside main frame

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