Ballantine 3205B

4 1/2 digit Micro-Ohmmeter, 20m& to 2000 ohms, 1µ& resolution
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The BLI 3205B 4½ digit micro-ohmmeter makes high accuracy low resistance measurements with ease. The proven 4-wire measurement method cancels lead resistance errors inherent in 2 wire systems. The stability achieved in the 3205B design allows for quick precision measurements to be made without the time consuming and painstaking adjustments by convention 4½ digit display FEATURES: True 4-wire input eliminates lead resistance error Pulse Mode Operation Rechargeable Internal Battery-optional 20 mW to 2000 W Full Scale Ranges 1 mW resolution Accuracy ± (0.03% Rdg. + 0.02% of range + 2 digits) for all ranges. Reference Condition: 25° C, 50% RH, Temp. Co. (±5 ppm of reading per °C)

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