Keysight (Agilent) 11692D

Coaxial Dual-Directional Coupler, 2 GHz to 18 GHz
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Agilent will discontinue the sale of the 11691D and 11692D direction couplers on June 1, 2009. The support life will end on May 31, 2012. The recommended replacement for the 11691D is 773D and the 772D replaces the 11692D. The 773D and 772D provide comparable specifications at a lower cost, but with a slightly different look and dimension.

The Agilent 11692D is a dual-directional coupler for 2 to 18 GHz with a 20 dB coupling factor. With 30 dB directivity to 8 GHz and 26 dB to 18 GHz, it is useful for broadband reflectometry. It features many connector options to match test device requirements. The dual couplers make it possible to measure both reflection and transmission parameters of a device under test at one time.

  • Ideal for reflectometer measurements
  • Nominal Coupling: 20 dB
  • Max. Coupling Variation: ±1 dB incident to test port
  • Min. Directivity : 2 to 8 GHz: 30 dB, 8 to 18 GHz: 26 dB, 24 dB with type-N connector on the test port (11692D) or on the input port (11691D)
  • SWR Primary Line Max (50 Ohm Nom.): 2 to 12.4 GHz: 1.3, 12.4 to 18 GHz: 1.4
List of Options
001 Type N-female Connector on Testport
002 Type N-male Connector on Testport
003 APC-7 connects: incident, reflected ports
004 APC-7 connectors on all ports
910 Additional operating and service manual
W32 3 Years Return for Calibration Service
W34 3 year Customer Return Standard Compliance Calibration Service
W52 5 Years Return for Calibration Service
W54 5 Years Return for Calibration Service

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