Keysight (Agilent) M9383B

VXG-m Microwave Signal Generator, 1 MHz – 44 GHz
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Key Features and Functions Dual-channel millimeter wave vector signal generator with 2 GHz RF bandwidth in a single instrument High output power to compensate for system loss and enable 5G power amplifier and over-the-air (OTA) testing Phase coherent LO and baseband synchronization for multi-user or beamforming MIMO OTA testing PathWave Signal Generation software to accelerate your design and test workflow 3GPP 5G NR standard-compliant signals with channel coding and multi-antenna port support
List of Options
001 Add channel 1
002 Add channel 2
1EB High output power from 20 GHz to 44 GHz
600 Enhanced high performance reference
D21 RF bandwidth, 2 GHz with 256 MSa memory for frequency options F32 and F44
DIQ Differential IQ outputs
EXT Wideband differential external IQ inputs
F44 Frequency range, 1 MHz to 44 GHz
M05 Baseband generator memory upgrade to 512 MSa
M10 Baseband generator memory upgrade to 1024 MSa
PCH Phase coherency for N channels
PMR Pulse modulation
ST6 Enhanced low phase noise

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