Rohde and Schwarz SMA100B

RF & Microwave Signal Generator
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Replaces SMA100A 9 kHz to 3 GHz, 6 GHz or 12.75 GHz Excellent SSB phase noise: < -152 dBc (typ.) at 1 GHz and < -132 dBc (typ.) at 10 GHz Virtually no wideband noise (< -162 dBc (meas.) at 10 GHz and an offset of 30 MHz) Ultra high output power: Up to 38 dBm with the 6 GHz instrument Exceptionally low harmonics State-of-the-art GUI with touchscreen Exceptionally high output level: up to 38 dBm with the SMAB - B106; > 30 dBm at 18 GHz and 28 dBm w/ SMAB - B120 Excellent level accuracy and repeatability for CW signals, narrow pulses and modulated signals 2 HU or 3 HU housing: 3 HU with larger 7" display and multiple front panel connectors Ergonomic operation thanks to state-of-the-art GUI with touch display Three-year warranty View Intro Video Extremely clean analog signals with high output power levels The R&S®SMA100B RF and microwave signal generator delivers maximum performance without compromise. It provides purest output signals while maintaining the highest output power level, far outpacing the competition.
List of Options
B711N Ultra Low Phase Noise
B86 Remote GPIB/USB
B93 7inch touchscreen
K720 Analog Modulation AM/FM/PM
K722 Clock synthesizer frequency extension to 6 GHz Only in combination with frequency option R&S®SMAB-B106/-B112/-B120/-B131/-B140(N)/-B150(N)/-B167(N). R&S®SMAB-B29 is a prerequisite.
SMAB-B106 Frequency option 8 kHz to 6 GHz
SMAB-B1H.02 High Performance OCXO­ Reference Oscillator Note: Must be ordered at time of purchase. (1420.8188.0
SMAB-B29 Differential Clock Synthesizer Up To 3 Ghz
SMAB-B29 Differential Clock Synthesizer, 3 GHz
SMAB-B710.02 Close-in Phase Noise Performance For SMAB-B106/-B112. Note: Must be ordered at time of purchase. (1420.8007.02)
SMAB-B710N.02 Close-in Phase Noise Performance For SMAB-B103. Note: Must be ordered at time of purchase. (1420.8107.02)
SMAB-B711 Ultra Low Phase Noise
SMAB-B86 Remote Control Gpib/Usb, Retrofittable In R&S Service (Hardware Option)
SMAB-B92 8kHz-20GHz Signal Generator
ZZA-KNA21.00 19Rack Adapter for 2 HU model (1177.8026.00)
ZZA-KNA31.00 19Rack Adapter For 3 HU model (1177.8032.00)

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