Keithley Instruments 485

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  • Readings can be taken from 3 readings/second to 1 reading/hour in 6 selectable ranges in data store mode
  • Large 4Tone digit LCD provides 0.1 pA resolution
  • Measures from 2 nA to 2 mA full scale with a 1 year accuracy of ±(0.4% + 4 counts) on the 2 nA range (worst case)
  • Manual or autoranging
  • Polarity/range/status/
  • Overrange indications
  • Analog output (+1 V = -10000 counts, except +100 mV on 2 nA range)

The input can withstand overloads as high as 1000V (with 100k? limiting resistor) for flexibility in a wide range of applications in test, research, and student labs.

An analog output linearly converts the incoming current to voltage for hard copy output or control loop applications.

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