Keithley Instruments 619

Digital Electrometer 5.5 Digits
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The 619 Dual Channel Electrometer provides researchers, semiconductor designers, and component evaluators with two independent, separately programmable 5 1/2-digit measurement channels, each with 1 µV DC, 10 fA DC, and 10 mohm DC sensitivities. Dual channels allow measurements at each node of a device, no switching systems that degrade the signal are required! Another big feature of the 619 is Data Store capability&up to 50 readings! Other powerful features include guarding and fast sensitive measurements, Ratio/Difference calculations, external feedback, baseline store/baseline suppress, filter, and digital Self Test improved reliability. Measures 1 µV to 200 V, 10 fA to 2 A, and 10 mohms to 2 Tohms with lab standard accuracy.

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