Keysight (Agilent) 5015T

Logic Troubleshooting Kit
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The HP Model 10525T Logic Probe will detect and indicate valid logic levels, and the presence and polarity of single pulses of 10 nanoseconds or greater in duration. It will also detect intermediate (or "BAD") logic levels, such as an open input on a TTL gate, and open circuits, such as an open collector output without pull-up resistors. With input loading characteristics similar to a low power TTL gate input, it is compatible with virtually all TTL and DTL integrated circuits.

The 10526T Logic Pulser is a single-shot pulse generator disigned to stimulate TTL and DTL logic circuitry. Included in this manual is operating, application, and servicing information.

The 10528A Logic Clip is designed for logic level determination only on integrated circuits using TTL and DTL. The clip can test flip flops, gates, counters, buffers, adders, shift registers, etc. It will not test IC's with nonstandard input levels or expandable gates. It will instantly and continuously show the logic levels at all pins of a dual in-line IC. All 16 input pins are electrically buffered to minimize loading on any circuit being tested. Sixteen light emitting diodes (LED) are the "high" and "low" logic level indicators. No power supply connections need to be made; the Logic Clip powers itself from the circuit under test by automatically locating the Vcc and ground pins of the IC.

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