Fluke 11

Handheld Digital Multimeter (4000 Count)
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Compact, Easy-to-Use DMMs, Ideal for Basic Electrical Testing Our economical 10 Series models are designed to support first level electrical and electronic troubleshooting. Their compact design, slide-switch and pushbutton controls allow true one-hand operation.

  • 4000 Count digital display
  • Fast continuity beeper
  • Diode test
  • V CheckTM (12 only): simplifies voltage measurements in power environments. When measuring ohms/continuity with more than 4.5 volts present across the input jacks (intentional or not), the meter automatically switches to measuring AC or DC volts, whichever is greater. Input impedance is approximately 2 kOhms, helping determine if voltage is from leakage (so-called 'ghost' voltages) or a hard connection. Overload protection is provided if the circuit is checked in ohms mode.
  • Capacitance, 1.000 µF to 9999 µF (12 only)
  • Continuity Capture (12 only): locates intermittent opens and shorts as brief as 250 's and identifies them in a symbolic display as a short-to-open or open-to-short transition
  • Min/Max recording with relative time stamp, records the highest and lowest voltage readings during a 100-hour period (12 only)
  • Sleep Mode, to preserve battery life
  • Specifications & Attributes (Multimeter)
    Form Factor
    Diode Test
    Volts (AC)
    Volts (DC)

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