Fluke 12

Handheld Digital Multimeter (4000 Count)
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With a slide switch and a few push-buttons, these 4000-count meters allow measurement of AC/DC voltage to 600V and resistance to 40MW. Features auto/manual ranging, continuity beeper, diode test, and battery-saving "sleep mode". Three models to choose from. Model 10 has 1.5% basic accuracy. Model 11 has 0.9% basic accuracy, capacitance measurement, and V Chek" to simplify testing of power sources and wiring. When measuring ohms/continuity with more than 4.5 volts present, the meter beeps and automatically switches to measuring AC or DC voltage, whichever is greater. Input impedance is lowered from 10MW to a minimum of 2kW to distinguish between actual voltage and leakage from other sources. Top-of-the-line Model 12 is everything the Model 11 is, and much more. In min/max mode, the highest and lowest voltage readings are "time stamped" to the nearest minute during a 100-hour period. Continuity Capture" records intermittent opens and shorts as brief as 250ms. All models operate on a 9V battery (included).
Specifications & Attributes (Multimeter)
Form Factor
Diode Test
Volts (AC)
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