Fluke 45

Dual Display Multimeter
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Fluke 45 Digital Multimeter, Bench:

  • Dual 5-Digit Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Resolution to: 1µV DC, 10µV AC, 1m Ohm, 100nA DC Current, 100 nA AC
  • Current
  • 0.02% basic DC Voltage accuracy
  • 0.05% basic DC Current accuracy
  • True RMS voltage and current measurement, incl. AC+DC
  • 1 MHz Frequency Counter, 10 mHz min resolution
  • dB with 21 reference impedances from 2 to 8,000 Ohms
  • Audio power calculations from 2 to 16 Ohms
  • Compare (Hi/Lo/Pass) function for quick in-tolerance testing
  • Min/Max recording and Touch Hold
  • RS-232 interface included
  • GPIB interface and internal rechargeable battery pack available
  • Made in USA

Dual Display Multimeter: This popular meter has dual 5 digit displays allowing 2 parameters to be viewed simultaneously. For example, AC volts can be shown on one display, while the frequency of the same AC signal is shown on the other.

Flexible Operating Modes The Fluke 45 has selectable reading rates of: 2.5, 5, or 20 readings per second. Other measurement functions include: limits testing for HI / LO / PASS comparison, Touch Hold®, audible continuity and diode test. An optional battery is available that gives the Fluke 45 eight hours of portable operation.

Computer Interface: The Fluke 45 has a built-in RS-232 interface that can be used to remotely program the meter from a computer, or readings can be sent directly to a serial printer for datalogging applications. An optional GPIB interface is available providing IEEE-488.2 capability. Closed-case calibration is possible with either the RS-232 or GPIB interface.

List of Options
01 Battery pack
15 Battery and GPIB
CAL Calibration Certificate
Specifications & Attributes (Multimeter)
Form Factor
GPIB ( /05 )
Diode Test
Volts (AC)
Volts (DC)

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