Fluke 8000A

3.5 Digital Multimeter
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The Fluke 8000 has Five Functions: AC & DC volt; 200 mV to 1200 V, w/ a sens of 100 uV on the 200 mV range. Bsic acc is + 0.1% DC, and +/- 0.5% AC. AC and DC I ranges from 200 uA to 2 A, w/ a sensitivity of 100 nA on the 200 uA range.Resistanc 199.9ohm to 19.99Mohm

List of Options
01 Rechargeable Battery Pack
015 10A Range and Rechargeable Battery Pack
016 2 and 20 Ohm Ranges and Rechargeable Battery Pack
02 Data Output
05 10A Range
06 2 and 20 Ohm Ranges
MAS Milliamp-Second Meter and Batteries
MTR Meter
MTR-01 Meter and Rechargeable Battery Pack
Specifications & Attributes (Multimeter)
Form Factor
Volts (AC)
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