Fluke 87E-3

Digital Multimeter(4-1/2 digit)
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An LED backlight on all models for easier reading under virtually any light conditions. New LCD display with larger digits and better viewing angle for easy reading from a distance. 4 1/2-digit resolution to detect subtle changes (Model 87, 87/E) MIN/MAX to record the minimum, maximum, and average reading over time. The 87 III and 87/E now offer 250 ┬ÁS peak MIN/MAX for true peak transient capture. Significantly improved basic dc accuracy on all models. CAT III 1000V safety rated to withstand overvoltage transients up to 8 kV. Battery access door that enables changing batteries without breaking the calibration seal. Alligator clips.
Specifications & Attributes (Multimeter)
Form Factor
Volts (DC)

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