Keithley Instruments 197

Autoranging Microvolt DMM
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The Model 197 is a six function, 5?h digit resolution autoranging digital multimeter with a +-220,000 count LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). This A/D range is greater than the normal +-199,999 count A/D used in many 5?h digit DMMs. The 5% digit resolution allows the Model 197 to measure DC voltage from 1pV/count to 1OOOV. AC voltage and current measurements are standard in the Model 197. TRMS ACV capability ranges from IpVlcount to 750V. The Model 197 measures resistance from 1mQ to 220MQ on seven resistance ranges. The Model 197 has six current ranges that measure current from 1nA (lO-9A) to 10A. The dB function makes it possible to compress a large range of readings into a much smaller scope. The Model 197 dBm measurements are referenced to the standard 600Q impedance but can be modified with the use of relative (REL) feature. The Model 197 has two IEEE-488 interface options: The Model 1972 and the Model 1973. These optional interfaces enhance the capabilties of the Model 197 by allowing programmed control over the IEEE-488 bus. The Model 1972 also includes an analog output. The bus commands are the same for each interface and respond to IEEE-488 protocol.


  • 1µV, 1mOhm, 1nA sensitivity
  • TRMS AC measurements to 100 kHz
  • 100-point data logger, relative reference, dB
  • Backlit display
  • Battery option
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