Keithley Instruments 2010

7-1/2-Digit, Low-Noise, Autoranging DMM
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The Model 2010 7-1/2 digit Low Noise Multimeter combines high resolution, speed, and accuracy for production testing of sensors, ICs, switches, and connectors. Applications include millivolt and microvolt output testing, drift characterization, precision resistance measurement, contact resistance, linearity, isolation testing, and mixed measurements. The 2010's unique measurement features, along with a 10ohms range and 100nV noise floor, enable precise low resistance measurements. Test currents as low as 100µA minimize device self-heating. A dry circuit function ensures dry circuit conditions to avoid puncturing oxides or films on relay and switch contacts. Offset compensated ohms eliminates errors due to thermal effects. Built-in DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2W, 4W, temperature (thermocouples or RTDs), frequency, period, ratio, continuity, and diode test functions provide broad measurement capability without added equipment costs. Compatibility with the 2000-SCAN and 2001-TCSCAN cards eliminates the need for a separate scanner, and reduces programming and setup time for tests involving up to 10 circuit points. The 2010 is also compatible with Keithley's 7000 Series matrices and cards for larger applications. Related Applications:
  • Benchtop testing
  • Production testing (especially low-resistance devices)
  • Multipoint scan/measure applications with optional plug-in cards.

  • 7-1/2 digit resolution and 7ppm basic DCV accuracy for critical applications
  • Up to 2000 readings/second (at 4-1/2 digit resolution) maximizes throughput.
  • Low 100µA test currents for end-of-life contact testing per ASTM B539-90.
  • Built-in 10-channel scanner mainframe for easy multi-channel measurements.
  • Unique dry circuit and low power measurement modes simplify specialized resistance tests.
  • 15 measurement functions include support for RTDs and thermocouples
  • Easy to use, "no menus" front panel design
  • Built-in ratio measurement function for precise relative measurements and comparisons.
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